About the creation of the Center for Studies of the Armenians distant from their national identity


About the creation of the study center around “Armenians distant from their national identity”.

Based on the proposals and the decision of the participants of the previous congresses held on September 8, 2016 and March 11, 2017, we announce the creation of a study center around “Armenians away from their national identity”.

On this occasion, we thank all those who, by participating in previous congresses, helped to concretize this idea and this project.

These people are:

Lia Avédissian – writer, speaker

Apkar Apinian – President of Yerevan Writers Association

Marie Parseghian Khandjian – writer, speaker

Roupen Nahadaguian – historian, analyst

Anahid Tchokolaguian – journalist, curator, speaker

Mariné Vahradian – leader of the public organization “New generation of Vasbouragan”

Movses Nadjarian – Armenologist, linguist

Ernest Krikorian – Professor, Doctor of Philosophy

Vladimir Bedrossian – Professor, Doctor of History

Serguey Simonian – Armenologist, Accountant

Houlia Kyouloyan – Chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Western Armenia

Saita Ohanian – Deputy of the National Assembly of Western Armenia, President of the International Women’s Association “Hamchénouhi”

Armenag Harmandayan

Representative of the Standing Committees on Armenian Issues and Beliefs of the National Assembly of Western Armenia.

September 17, 2017


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