Keep your dirty paws away from Nzhdeh!

30 November, 2017

On the usefulness of insults at the masquerade of werewolves

In one of the articles of five years ago, I wrote that it is not entirely correct to talk about Russian chauvinism. For the expression of the elements of the Great Russian rule, the fabrications of the Baku agents in Russia are often issued, well aware of the psychology of Armenians and Slavs. This simple trick gives the Turks the chance to kill two birds with one stone.

Strangely enough, the attack Krasheninnikova brought us a favor. We were convinced that the belief in our vulnerability is created by Turkish hirelings. In fact, our situation is not hopeless at all, as the statement of the representative of the United Russia party (the party in which Krasheninnikova is a member) Zheleznyak at the meeting with President Sargsyan showed. The high guest stated that the Russian Federation supports complementarity, and all other opinions do not reflect the official approaches of the Kremlin.

Our position is much more comfortable than the Krasheninnikovs, Kurghinians, prokhanovs, dugins and all the other pro-Baku shlags playing in the Russian state are trying to imagine. Not so terrible devil, as it is painted! They want to deprive us of the will to resist the Freudian threat of deprivation of love.

Our deeds are bad, if the paddling dodgers feeding from the mazut sultan’s hands dare to sabotage the Armenian-Russian union! We are provoked to burst out righteous indignation, giving blasphemous assessments to our greatest hero-thinker and insulting our leadership who dared to conclude an agreement with the EU without the sanction of a handful of patented nonentities (following Krasheninnikova, Markov, most likely, promised to file an international suit with a demand recognize Nzhdeh as a Nazi collaborator).

But they do not provoke us alone! Baku needs to provoke an anti-Armenian excess in Russia in order to achieve a break in the friendly relations that connect us with a great country whose understanding we particularly treasure. Krasheninnikova’s trick fits perfectly into the article about fomenting ethnic hatred, and we need to give this case a legal move, without fearing to wake the hornet’s nest.

It is indicative and symptomatic that the anti-Armenian campaign in Russia flares up every time the Armenian leadership steps towards rapprochement with the EU, stipulating that partner relations with it will not damage its obligations to Russia within the CSTO framework and coordinating all its actions with the Kremlin. The first step of Yerevan in this direction 4 years ago caused a boorish reaction of Mikhail Leontiev.

It is worth recalling the statements made by Kurginyan in Yerevan, when he was talking nonsense about the fact that the liberation of Berdzor we owe the mythical interference of Russia in the fighting on the side of Armenians. He went even further than Leontief. Not sparing the saliva, which Kurginyan generously splashes, entering the polemical rage, he called our elite Chubais and Nazi servants of the West (Krasheninnikova called Nzhdeh “Armenian Bandera”). These labels have nothing to do with our realities, but provocateurs and liars with a long tongue and skewed brains do not care.

The game of the hirelings of Baku and Ankara in Moscow is unbeatable, while insults in our address remain without proper response. If these people knew that for any attack against the people, faithfully and truly serving Russia since the capture of Kazan, they would get a public whipping in the cattle yard, they would moderate their noisy and embarrassing eloquence.

Vulnerability of Armenia is strengthened by the stoic readiness to silently swallow insults and insults. Our leadership was silent when a slobber from Moscow insulted him without choosing an expression. Silence and heroes of Artsakh, when he brazenly lied, attributing the demoralized Russian army, who suffered in those years of failure in Chechnya, almost decisive role in the release of Berdzor. We can not face the silence of the lambs.

But, judging by Sharmazanov’s speech, our elite seeks to extinguish the scandal with the TV channel by all means, including the myth of apologies allegedly brought by its leadership (we were not called to boycott it, which would be the most restrained response to the insult to us). Is it even a party whose philosophy is based on the ideological heritage of Nzhdeh (RPA), convinced that personal dignity is not permissible for us? In this case, the attacks against Nzhdeh are not surprising. They should be expected until we rethink our understanding of things.

Let’s return to the starting point of the article – the question of our relationship to the gigantic personality of Nzhdeh. This is precisely our relationship, since we are the beginning of all beginnings. Pachkuns like Krasheninnikova and Markov would not dare yap at Nzhdeh from their gateway, knowing that he is a cult figure for all Armenians.

The cult of Nzhdeh has nothing to do with the cult of the personalities of Lenin and Stalin, who committed the genocide of the Russian people. Nzhdeh was saved by the Armenian people, saving for him Syunik. This unique feat (the genocide-affected people freed part of their homeland from the pogroms) later allowed us to liberate Artsakh. It is for this that the Turks hate cruelly. We would not have survived as a nation, had it not refuted the myth of the Semitic origin of Armenians invented, by the way, by the Georgian Kereselidze in order to make us a convenient target of the Nazis.

How did we thank our hero for his asceticism? No way! Nzhdeh himself asked to transfer him to Vladimir prison, so as not to please the Turks by the fact that he languishes in an Armenian prison. Even after Khrushchev came to power, the leadership of Soviet Armenia did nothing to facilitate the fate of Nzhdeh, although the voluntary appearance at Tolbukhin’s headquarters in Bulgaria confirmed his Russophilia. This fact had to be used for the full rehabilitation of the Hero, but who thought about it?

Today, the ambivalent attitude towards the personality and heritage of Nzhdeh is noticeable in many respects. One of the squares of Yerevan was renamed in his honor, but on it is a monument to the Bolshevik-Leninist Spandaryan. How to explain this idiocy?

We do not have either the Nzhdeh museum house or the scientific center for studying its heritage. What kind of veneration of the Hero can we say if we are afraid to defend his honor in 61 years after his death? We clumsily make excuses for installing the Nzhdeh monument on the Main Avenue, which looks like an apology for the fact that we still exist.

The root of our difficulties lies in the lack of sense of personal dignity. If we care about Armenia and the roads of Njdeh, who gave the fight for her salvation all his life without a trace, we are obliged to create the Tsegakron Temple, combining the functions of the home-museum of the Savior of the Fatherland and the center of research of his heritage. This proposal will cause rabies of the Turkish okhvostya in Moscow, which should not worry us. The powerless rabies of the Turks and the shawks bought by them may well amuse us.

The temple of Tsegakron should become the same shrine of Armenia as Tsitsernakaberd, and its design should be connected to our best architects. Mindful of the sad experience of the construction of the Gregory the Illuminator’s church in Yerevan in 2001, it is necessary to declare a national contest for its best project. The temple will be visited by all guests of Armenia, and it should become a place of pilgrimage of Armenians from all over the world. Our people must answer Nzhdeh reciprocally for his love for him and faith in him, as he wrote on the eve of the appearance in Tolbukhin’s bid, “the divine spirit.”

Context of speculation around the identity of Nzhdeh

Considering the scandal with the Zvezda TV channel in the context of Aliyev’s and Erdogan’s murky fuss over the peaceful resolution of the Artsakh conflict based on the recipes of Baku and Ankara, especially the increasing speculation about the “return” of five or at least two regions of the “belt” to Azerbaijan, one can come to the forthcoming conclusion that ” that Baku agents would forget about Nzhdeh if Armenia officially declared that the only guarantee of peace in the region would be the abolition of the imbecile state for the “Azerbaijan” stolen from the Iranians, and to trade Armenian land s Under no circumstances will not.

Our goals coincide with Russia in the sense that we, like the Russian Federation, are not satisfied with the war, and we will seek the abolition of the Sultanate only by peaceful means, respecting the rights of the indigenous peoples of the region that the Bolsheviks and their Golem have violated. Armenia (and its neighbors) will not know peace, as long as Pan-Turkic abscess is kept in the region. Damn the bald you get, and not the areas that you try to cage, and blackmail will not help you either. The Artsakh train has gone forever!

Speculations around the name of Nzhdeh were needed by our enemies just at the moment when the complete collapse of their attempts to impose on us the solution of the question of Artsakh on their prescriptions. Let us reiterate that the hatred of the Turks towards Nzhdeh is caused by the decisive role of the Hero in preserving Syunik, which made possible the liberation of Artsakh. Perseverance in the Artsakh issue is the best tribute to our gratitude to Nzhdeh and the veneration of his memory.

Attempts to complicate the Armenian-Russian relations are undertaken simultaneously with attempts to provoke internal dissension in the Armenian society. Mistrust of our leadership is an important part of these dirty intrigues. This is the last straw for which Aliev’s regime is going to go down. Ndje became a lever, with which the Baku Archimedes set out to move Armenia from a firm but insufficiently consistent position on the issue of Artsakh.

The leadership of Armenia should lead the movement of the nation to revive the sense of dignity, the “divine spirit”, about which the great healer of the Armenian soul Nzhdeh spoke.

We do not need the love of Krasheninnikov, Markov and other evil spirits. We need the enemies and their hirelings to tremble with fear at the mention of the name Nzhdeh! Each of us should become Nzhdeh. Only then will we prevail!



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