God punishes us for massacre of Armenians – father of killed Kurd VIDEO

Արեւմտահայերէն Լրատուական Կայք

29.12.2012 – Region:Diaspora, Turkey – Theme: Politics, Society, Incidents

The director of one of Armenian schools in Istanbul Karo Palian, who attended the memorial event in memory of 34 Kurdish young people who died on December 28, 2011, as a result of bombardment by Turkish warplanes in Uluderey (Roboski) province of Sirnak, bordering with Iraq, told an interesting case.

Karo Palian, presenting options of work to clarify the circumstances of the massacre, described one event in a small Roboski village.

“When we went to the park, an old man, who was the father of one of the killed boys told me: ‘This is – Karapet park, next to it – Petros park, another – Hovhannes. This was an Armenian village.

My grandfather and our ancestors killed all the Armenians here.

Tha is why God is punishing us,’ the elderly man said, and began to cry,” Karo Palian said, stressing that if the crime goes unpunished, it will be repeated.


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