Syrian army moves forward in Idlib province ahead of Turks

The situation in Idlib in 2018 early January

09 JUNE 2018 – Taron Hovhannisyan – INTERNATIONAL POLICY.

2018 In the first few days, Syrian government forces launched a large-scale campaign in the province of Idlib to liberate a number of settlements within a few days (at least 14 villages according to Turkish sources). South Front Monitoring Site has published a map of the Syrian army’s recent advancement.

The situation in Idlib in 2018 early January
The situation in Idlib in 2018 early January

On January 9, the Turkish NTV channel reported that Syrian government forces had taken 14 villages in Idlib.

Syrian historian and journalist-analyst Sami Mubayed describes this operation as “blockade of the Turkish armed forces in Idlib”. The author also notes that in the last week, the Syrian army has taken about 50 settlements from the militants with the help of RF air force in Idlib. Judging by the available data, the main activities are against the Al-Nusra Front terrorist group.

Additionally, the Turkish military is located in the north of Idlib, south of the “Kurdish” Africe, far from the Syrian Army’s advancement period.

Additionally, the Turkish Armed Forces have started to deploy in Idlib in 2017. October, based on the agreement reached with Russia and Iran in Astana.



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