Iran to Return 629-Year-Old Bell to Akhtamar


The 629-year-old bell will be returned to Holy Cross Church in Akhtamar

TEHRAN—Iranian officials have said that they will return a 629-year-old bell, which belonged to an Armenian church in Van, to the Holy Cross Church in Akhtamar.

The bell was given to St. Mary’s Armenian Church in July of 1377 and was taken to Iran under unknowns circumstances. It has been on display at the Anthropology museum in the north-western city of Urumieh, reported news agency.

“We have begun a policy of returning all historical monuments and artifacts in Iran to their countries of origin in compliance with all necessary legal procedures,” said Mirhadi Kareseyyed-Romiani, Vice-President of the Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Authority.

The Iranian official said this policy aims to demonstrate to the world the true nature of Iran as friendly country that prioritizes good neighborly relations and respect for humanity and history.

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1 Comment on Iran to Return 629-Year-Old Bell to Akhtamar

  1. According to inscriptions on, this bell it is made at 1888 ond has 129 years old and has donated to
    St.Merry church of city Van located in current Turkey. after Armenians Genicide in western Armenia survived People of Vaspurakan have immigrate to Iran and most of them have carried many preciouse and holly articles from their motherland to different cities of Iran to save them from Turkey’s anti Armenian
    This Bell during past decades as an holly piece of one of
    Armenian churches in Van citadel (that all of them are distroid by Turkish government) and was seemed has find good fate to be saved and kept in Urumieh museum by Iranian cultural heritage ministrey. now unfortunately Iranian government has returned this bell to Turkish government to use it in Akhtamar St.Cross church??? we Armenians are not agree with this action of Urumiyeh’s cultural department .

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